Explore Devon & Cornwall – 17th – 25th June 2023

This brand new event is a fantastic way to explore Devon & Cornwall from a different perspective, away from the main tourist routes.

Jam first or cream first? You will be riding through both counties so try both, see what your favourite is.

About the route

We live and breath the South West so have taken in some of our favourite routes and breathtaking views to deliver a route that truly shows the best of Devon & Cornwall.

Who we are

The driving force behind the Devon & Cornwall trail is the team at Pacenti Cycle Design. Working with other local and industry partners we are looking to deliver an event that really shows what it’s like to ride in the part of the UK.

Headline Sponsors

To get involved with the event and become a sponsor please email ride@dctrail.co.uk

Sign up to be an early entrant

Like the idea of what we are talking about so far? Sign up today and be one of the first on the list for the first DC Trail.